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Baby on the Hip

Baby on the Hip
Baby on the Hip carefully selects all the products in the store based on guidelines of sustainability, non-toxicity, and fair trade practices. We also understand that while you are looking for eco-friendly products, you do not want to sacrifice style. We carefully choose our staff and train them extensively to ensure that your time with us is well spent.

Our Green Commitment

Baby on the Hip tries to make every aspect of its business as green as possible. We are also Bullfrog Powered and a member of Green Enterprise Ontario. Our plastic, paper, and cleaning needs are supplied by Greenshift Supplies. We use eco-friendly wrapping and printing for our packaging material and we are also an active participant in the green bin program.

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10% Off all items.

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Baby on the Hip
969 Queen Street East
Toronto, Ontario, M4M 1K2
Phone 416-465-4141
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