Carbon Neutral Shredding Company


Carbon Neutral Shredding Company

We provide on-site confidential shredding with trucks powered by waste vegetable oil. By choosing our service versus a fossil fuel powered competitor, you are reducing your carbon footprint and eliminating any sulphur emissions. We source our oil from high quality establishments within the community. First we "R"educe your carbon footprint by "R"eusing waste vegetable oil and then "R"ecycle all the paper shredded. That's our company's 3 R's promise.

Our Green Commitment

Our mission statement is to provide the cleanest, greenest on-site shredding service to business and residential clients without surcharge or premium cost. The company is committed to running all operations as close to 100% carbon neutral as may be achieved. While we are first and foremost a provider of secure document destruction we do so in an environmentally sustainable manner.

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